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1996, Heft 3-4: Quality of Teaching in Higher Education

Martin Lischka, Peter Pokieser | Wilhelm Firbas (Wien)
Editorial [ full article in german |

1996, Heft 1-2: Quality of Teaching in Higher Education
Proceedings of the Workshop at the Medical School Graz and Further Contributions


Central Topic: Quality of Teaching in Higher Education

Richard März | Quality of Teaching in Higher Education - the Workshop and the Evaluation Issue (german only)

Jörg-Ingolf Stein (
Graz, Austria)
Quality of Teaching in Higher Education
A Look at the Workshop and the Direction of Future Developments (german only)

Part I: The Lectures of the Workshop Teaching in Higher Education

Wim H. Gijselaers (Maastricht, Netherlands)
Fundamental Considerations of the Evaluation Process: | full article ]

Lambert W.T. Schuwirth | C.P.M. van der Leuten (
Maastricht, Netherlands)
Quality Control: Assessment and Examinationsfull article ]

Ernst Hofer (
Graz, Austria)
Evaluation - Leading to Quality Management in Teaching or to a Onedimensional University?
Personal Reflexions about the Workshop "Quality Management in Medical Teaching"[ full article, german only ]

Part III: Proposals for the Evaluation of Teaching in Higher Education

Österreichische Rektorenkonferenz (
Vienna, Austria)
Proposal for the Evaluation of the Medical Schools of the Universities of
Vienna, Graz, and Innsbruck

full article, german only ]

Elisabeth Jandl-Jager (
Vienna, Austria)
Evaluation of Electives at the
University of Vienna School
of Medicine
full article, german only ]

Lukas Mitterauer (
Vienna, Austria)
Evaluation in Higher Education | full article, german only ]

Gerhard S. Barolin | Medical Teaching - A Distressed Area in Austria!full article, german only ]

Marianne Springer-Kremser | Evaluation of the Seminar: "Focal Counselling / Short Term Psychotherapy" | full article, german only ]

Gerhard Botz und Gerald Sprengnagel(
Salzburg, Austria)
Contemporary History as Multimedia and High-Tech History
Thoughts on Its Implementation in Austrian Universities[ full article, german only ]

Aurel Botz und Richard März(
Vienna, Austria)
, CUL, CAI...
Education and Information Technology in the Age of Networks and Multimedia (Report on the LearnTec'95 Conference)[ 
full article, german only ]


Niehoff, Jens-Uwe (Ed.):
Sozialmedizin systematisch
(revied by Wintersberger, Barbara , german only)

Löhmer, Cornelia (Ed.):
Zur Tat befreien. Gesellschaftspolitische Perspektiven der TZI-Gruppenarbeit
(reviewed by Gunhild Sagmeister, german only)

1994, Heft 2: International Perspectives in Postgraduate Education and Training

Robert Burgess and Michael Schratz
Editorial Introduction

1994, Heft 1: EuroStudyCentres
Contributions to the Genesis of the European Open University Network

Franz Pronk | Nicolaas Pronk:
Editorial (german only)

1991, Heft 3: Evaluation versus Feedback
Part II: Reflexions and Experiences

Michael Sturm: Editorial (german only)